Contactless payment cards are becoming more common, and provide consumers with a very quick and handy way to pay for purchases at the checkout, simply by holding their card in front of the reader. This payment method doesn’t require receipts or even a PIN code. The same technology is used in e.g. passports, personal ID cards, works passes, hotel keys, and so on. However, the content of cards and passports is easily accessed by thieves, even from great distances, using devices that are easily obtainable through the internet.


Some of these devices are even capable of remotely reading several cards per second. Once this stolen information is in their hands, thieves can make purchases in your name, use your identity, or sell your information online to other identity thieves. You can try this out for yourself on an Android NFC phone, using the Credit Card Reader application that can be downloaded for free.

Credit and debit cards are easily read, even remotely.

Modern, high-tech thieves can use easily obtainable technology to read contactless-payment cards (credit / debit), even through the cardowner’s jacket or pocket, without the victim have the slightest awareness of it. Once they’ve stolen the card data, thieves can use it to take draw money from your account without a PIN code, make online purchases charged to your account, or sell the card data to data identity thieves, anywhere in the world.



This problem is already being noticed.

There has already been discussion in various countries of remote charge card theft for a number of years, but it is only now that contactless payment cards are becoming more widespread that the real scale of the problem is starting to come to light. In the Media section, you’ll find news items on this that we’ve collected. READ MORE FROM HERE



Luckily, protecting yourself from remote card data theft is possible.

Thankfully, it is possible to protect yourself against remote thieves. For some time now, various devices have been available for providing protection in various situations; examples of such products are RFID card protector wallets, and care protectors made of a material that prevents any signals from passing through.


We have now brought to market the most effective and convenient solution that exists. CardProtect is a digital card protector that automatically protects charge cards from remote theft. This latest-generation electronic protection is automatically activated when an attempt is made to access your card remotely; the protector immediately sends a signal that jams the remote reading device and keeping your card data safe.


Compared to earlier products, the great benefit of this solution is the multi-faceted and comprehensive protection it gives. Your cards are protected in all directions from remote reading attempts. The card protector can be used in any wallet, and is easily transferred from one wallet to another.


Cardprotect rfid protection card fits any wallet.


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Cardprotect rfid protection card fits any wallet.
Cardprotect rfid protection card fits any wallet.
Cardprotect rfid protection card fits any wallet.
Cardprotect rfid protection card fits any wallet.
Cardprotect rfid protection card fits any wallet.